Weird Real Estate Loophole Helps Homeowners & Investors Who Need Cash ASAP

What are we supposed to do with this house, the repairs it needs, and all those fees and charges that come with selling a home the “traditional way”? This is a question hundreds of homeowners ask themselves every month.

Those are the questions many homeowners have struggled with since the economy took a nose dive. Many banks reacted to the financial crisis by tightening their standards, turning away renters with even minor credit issues, such as one late car payment. Now, despite the slow but steady recovery, it’s still tough for many families that own homes to refinance or decide what to do with the house they live in. Residents that were once able to borrow whenever they needed a short burst of funds are now struggling to keep their home.

I’m afraid I may lose my home and everything we’ve worked so hard for.

Some homeowners have felt the squeeze from layoffs in different industries – such as oil, gas, and manufacturing. “I’ve owned this house for 12 years, but since it needs some repairs and has a little bit of foundation trouble Realtors don’t want to sell it.” Rachel M., a homeowner in San Antonio, Texas told us.

Many homeowners are looking to sell their home for cash outside of traditional Realtors and high fees selling process. Increasingly more and more real estate owners are leveraging “direct buyer” offers to sell a house and move on with their lives.

Direct buyer offers isn’t a new industry and has been around for decades but has recently gained momentum among struggling homeowners and investors.

Direct Buyer Offers is a great option for homeowners that need a fast, cash offer to purchase their home in as little as 72 hours.

Instead of looking at just your property value we take a more 360 approach to determine what your best selling options are.  We work with several private home buyers that are able to give homeowners  and investors the cash they need to get from under a house and move on down the road.” The CEO of stated.

Although selling homes in 2015 is not difficult, it can be a headache and very costly depending on what repairs the house needs first. Get a cash offer directly from a house buyer here.

“Having options and flexibility is very important to me”, Greg Thompson owner of 775 Real Estate Investments, LLC. said. “I rest a lot easier every night knowing that if a serious financial challenge ever comes up and I need to liquidate a house, I’m able to access the cash I need when I need it so that I’m not in a situation where a small problem snowballs into something bigger because of the lack of capital.”

If you are a homeowner or real estate investor who wants to learn more about direct buyer offers you can learn more information and apply for an offer below.

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We look at ALL property in ANY condition.

Whether your house is pretty or ugly, old or new, in good or poor condition, we’re here to help.

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